01 - Features of Decentralized Application Development

Now that we’ve added users to our mental model, this video will discuss features of decentralized application development from a different perspective.

Note: Some of the material in this video is dated. For example, the Mist Browser has been sunsetted. However, we feel as though this video contains valuable information about the broad context of blockchain development. Specifically how one of the most impactful decisions we make as developers is whether we even need to use a blockchain!

Here you see important differences between a Web 2.0 Application (client-server) and a Web 3.0 Decentralized Application (front-end + blockchain):

  • The computing of web2 apps happens in servers while for web3 dapps happens in a p2p network
  • Web2 apps are hosted in web servers while web3 dapps can be hosted in distributed networks
  • The service layer of web2 apps is made of HTTP APIs (e.g. REST) while in web3 it’s built on p2p protocols
  • In web2, information is stored in databases, while in web3 it is stored in the blockchain and other decentralized networks

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